Oct. 21, 2020

Bonita Springs FL an oasis for seniors

Why is the city of Bonita Springs, FL a top retirement destination and why is Florida so sought after by retirees? Both of these questions have great answers and we’ll get to them in a brief moment. But first of all, let’s understand what makes a town a top retirement destination.
In order to figure that out, we need to understand what are the things that seniors want once they reach retirement. From the fact that Florida is the most desired destination for retirees and is also known as the Sunshine State we can draw the conclusion that retirees want a warm climate. Another important factor is the health care system. Once we pass a certain age, the proximity of a care provider, hospital or emergency room, their availability as well as their ability to reach a place of residence become things that are taken into consideration when we choose our housing. The health care proficiency and ratings is also important as well as the cost of the care provided. The location is also a factor to be taken into account in regards to any family that might come over for a visit, but not only because of that. The location can also provide activities available, trips to exotic places if there’s an international airport nearby or just a very soothing landscape. In regards to the affordability of the area, a lower cost of living is always at the top of the most desired attributes, but make sure that it doesn’t come with a lower safety rating as that is something that can affect its attractiveness. 

Few words about Bonita Springs, FL

There are many towns and cities throughout the country that attract retirees, but one that stands out is the city of Bonita Springs, FL. Developed as a vacation destination, the way on which they sought to bring a shine to the natural world without overshadowing it with too many high rise apartment buildings or man made amenities really adds to its attractiveness. In Bonita Springs, Florida, nature is embraced and it is also a place where you can find one of the last few unspoiled barrier islands of the western gulf of Florida, Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park. But let’s see what makes Bonita Springs an ultimate location for retirees as it has been ranked the 5th best small town to retire in America by Money Magazine.

Reasons why Bonita Springs is a top retirement destination

This small community located in the southwest of Florida is an ideal destination for dog lovers, fishing aficionados and those who like to enjoy the most of the outdoors. As it is a combination of a small-town community and a holiday destination, the city of Bonita Springs, FL has the best of both worlds. The serenity brought throughout this tight-knit community where everyone knows everybody, typically southern but present here, as well as the coastline attractions that come from its importance as a tourist destination. Retirees have many reasons to choose Bonita Springs as their destination during their senior years and the following are great influencers.

A structured history

While firstly inhabited around 8,000 years ago, during the 1870s the area was mapped out by the new settlers and christened Survey after the medicinal spring, Surveyor’s Creek. The developers that reached the new settlement later on changed its name to Bonita Springs for the added marketability of the location and a much better suited identification. While people still visited the area during the 1920s aided by the Fort Myers-Southern Railroad, it was with the opening of Interstate 75 that substantial growth began. As it was already seen as a holiday destination because of its location, the amenities developed in the area transformed the city into the Bonita Springs you can have a taste of as you get off the I-75 and head for the Gulf of Mexico.

A relaxing lifestyle

As the beach is only minutes away from main roads by the shore, its proximity brings with it an overall relaxing atmosphere. The breeze sweeps across the city while it sprinkles the whole area with its holiday smell and relaxing atmosphere. The Bonita Springs Public Beach is one of the most visited beaches and a top destination for those that want to enjoy a day in the mild waves of the Gulf of Mexico. The Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park is another sought after location as the nature’s wildlife and flora have been given the right to tend to themselves with minimal human influence or meddling. There is also the Bonita Beach Dog Park where you can let your best friend run around and muck about in the sand or in the waves to enjoy his libertine puppy life.

Culture and Amenities

While Bonita Spring, Florida can not be compared to the culture scene available in Naples or Fort Myers, the proximity to both of these places is an added advantage to living here. You get to enjoy a relaxing way of life while at the same time you’re only a short drive away from both of these cities. In the city of Bonita Springs, there is the Center for the Arts where you can enjoy exhibitions or a play. In regards to the amenities available in Bonita Springs, there is a vast variety of golf courses, eclectic shops and boutiques with unique merchandise as well as the Coconut Point Mall or the Flamingo Island Flea Market for either major brands or bargains. The dining scene is filled with little beach themed places like the Coconut Jack’s Waterfront Grille or Lapa’s Costa Rican Bistro for mexican cuisine.


Living in Bonita Springs, Florida is considered affordable as the cost of living is equal to the national average and has the added benefit of its beachside location. There is a good quality of life in Bonita Springs that retirees can enjoy and the safe streets are an integral part of its appeal. It’s no wonder the city’s average age is 57.3 as the warm weather is one of the most important factors for retirees that are looking for a destination to relocate to. 

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